Classic Live Edge Black Walnut Coffee Tables

Dimensions: 21" W, 48" L, 18" H.

Classic looking Black Walnut live edge coffee table. Wood is full of beautifully detailed grain; grown right here in Illinois.

Local Delivery Available

Asking $650 OBO

Live Edge Maple Slab Cocktail Table


Live edge maple slab cocktail table.  Semi-gloss finish on the surface is flawlessly smooth.  Tripod iron base is industrial salvage from Evanston Rebuild.  

Table is 33" tall and slightly oval in shape (28" x 22" across).   Local delivery to the Chicagoland area available.

Red Cedar Stools

Local delivery to Chicagoland area available.

$195 for the Pair

Pair of live edge Red Cedar stools (or side tables).  Solidly constructed from Illinois sourced wood, the bases for these pieces are also live edge.  

Each piece's diameter is over 14" wide (great size) and heights are 20" and 23" respectively.  Consider using these pieces as rustic side tables.

Nesting Live Edge Apricot Side Tables

Dimensions: both are ~19" across tall piece is 23" tall, shorter one is 15".

A pair of live edge Apricot wood nesting side tables.  These end cuts have been sanded and smoothed to perfection.  The color of this hard to find wood will amaze you.  Mounted on modern steel stands, consider using these pieces as side tables, end tables, or even bedside tables.

$325 for pair.

Black Walnut on Tulip Base

36" Across, 25" Tall

Black Walnut end cut mounted on salvaged MCM tulip base!  This piece will be an eye-popping conversation piece wherever you put it!  

Asking $350.

California Surfin' Walnut Bench

6' Long, 12.5" Wide, 17" Tall

This long piece of live edge Black Walnut conjures images of a classic surf board!  Mounted on mid-century modern hairpin legs, this bench will be a focus point for any room.


Black Walnut Root Wood Console Table

Dimensions: 44" long, 34" wide, 28" tall.

Truly unique Black Walnut root wood table.  Perfect as a console table or entry table.  Local delivery available.

$700 OBO

Live Edge Maple "Mushroom"

This console or small dining table is constructed of solid maple from west Illinois.  The base is salvaged wood from Glenview, Illinois.

This table reminds me of tree mushrooms found in the forest; hence the name.

Dimensions are 36" diameter and 30" tall.