Pair of Cherry Benches

Live edge cherry wood from Wisconsin finished smooth as glass with a gloss finish!  Checkout the decorative shelf on the legs, also live edge!

$350 each, or

$650 for the pair!

Dimensions:  48/44" long, 15" wide, 20" tall.

Black Walnut Root Wood Table

 Black walnut root wood coffee/console table. This is the part of the tree that is below ground. The colors and lines are amazing. Simple brass legs accent this piece well. Think about making this a signature entry table.
Dimensions:  44" long, 34" wide, 28" tall. 


Live Edge Maple "Mushroom"

This console or small dining table is constructed of solid maple from west Illinois.  The base is salvaged wood from Glenview, Illinois.

This table reminds me of tree mushrooms found in the forest; hence the name.

Dimensions are 36" diameter and 30" tall.


Extra Thick Oak Coffee Table

  Extra thick live edge oak coffee table. 5" thick slab of oak makes a dramatic and interesting piece. Wood is mounted on a mid-century modern style base. 

Dimensions:  35" across and 22" tall.


Salvaged Oak Hairpin Bench

 Salvaged Oak Wood from a barn in Elizabeth, Illinois has been transformed into a beautiful bench!  The aging process has added unique details and patterns to the wood.  Hairpin legs are finished in a black and gold ombre. 
Dimensions:  46" long, 13" wide, and 18" tall.   $275 

Walnut Live Edge Coffee Table

 Live edge black walnut coffee table. 2" thick slab on metal bases makes a beautiful combination of wood and steel. Multiple layers of semi-gloss polyurethane ensure preserved bark remains in flawless condition. All American made! Walnut is from west Illinois and metal bases were welded in Indiana.
Dimensions:  18" tall, 20" wide, and 55" long. 


Solid Live Edge Cherry Bench

 Made of solid cherry, this latest creation is akin to a work of art. Live Edge details on both the top and legs bring out a very natural feel; so smooth you can see your reflection in it! 
Dimensions:  48" long, 14" wide, and 20" tall.


TWIN POSSIBLE!  I have the wood to make two of these benches. Message me if you would be interested in a pair. 

Live Edge Oak Coffee Table

 Salvaged oak coffee table/bench. Wood is from a downed tree from Glenview, IL. Legs are stained cedar "trunks" that are industrial salvage. This is a "live edge" piece of wood but with the bark removed.
Dimensions:  66" long, 14" wide, and 20" tall.  $300 

"Bottle" Black Walnut Table

Black walnut table in the shape of a bottle!  Consider making this a signature coffee table or even a piece of hanging wall art!


More images and dimensions coming soon!